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A unique film made from the Life and Work of Charlie Chaplin

Written, directed & edited by Richard Patterson.

Produced by Bert Schneider, the producer of Hearts and Minds, Days of Heaven, Five Easy Pieces, The Last Picture Show, and Easy Rider.

78 minutes Color NTSC DVD

“A film that every man, woman and child in the civilized world –particularly in America – owes it to himself to see.”

Bruce Williamson – Playboy Magazine

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“The must-see movie of the moment – and, I suspect any old or new time...this delightful film has captured the quintessence of the artist and his art and done so in terms accessible to everyone...”

Judith Crist – New York Post

“Tremendously moving.”

John H. Dorr – The Hollywood Reporter

“Film’s tender finale is delicately photographed by Nestor Almendros and should send viewers out with a lump in the throat.”

Joseph Macbride - Variety

“A superb introduction to a timeless art and the timeless struggle of an artist to stay free.”

Judith Stone

“In every way The Gentleman Tramp is worthy of its subject.”

Kevin Thomas – Los Angeles Times

Essay on the Making of the Film