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The Good Morrow

An allegorical piece of fluff combining a yearning for transcendence with screwball comedy. After inheriting his grandfather's plantation and all the kooky relatives that come with it, a would-be poet falls in love with a girl no one else can see. Readers in search of realism and fully developed characters are advised to look elsewhere.

The fact that the text requires an active imagination in the reader to fill in all the holes and spackle over all the cracks is regarded by its author as a feature rather than a bug. If the pastel sketch fails to inspire appropriately philosophical fantasies, there is still the hope of sharing some small portion of the delight stuffed into an occasional turn of phrase.
5.5 X 8.5 inches
ISBN 9781475006308
Richard G. Patterson studied philosophy at Yale and literature at Cambridge before embarking on a career in and around the film business.
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